FRADEN Corporation

Jacob Fraden, Ph.D. is an electronic engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. His principal area of a technical expertise is in professional and consumer instruments for sensing and measuring various signals. Among his nearly 60 inventions are the Instant Ear Thermometer, various sensors for Mobile Phones, Motion Controlled Light Switches, and Home Blood Pressure Monitor. He published over 70 technical papers and two books.

Dr. Fraden was the founder of Thermoscan Inc. (in 1995 sold to Gillette). Currently he serves as President and CEO of SensorJacket, Inc.

Jacob teaches course “Sensors for Science and Industry” at University of California, San Diego. He also lectures on the inventive process and serves as an expert witness.


David Pintsov, Ph. D. has over 20 years of experience in R & D in image processing, automated document processing and pattern recognition. He previously held technical and management positions in several companies, including Pitney Bowes, HNC, Mitek Systems and Peladon Software.

David spearheaded development of the first commercially successful automated check processing system. He has authored over 20 publications and holds 4 US patents and has been a speaker at several scientific and trade conferences.