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What people say about the book

"Adventures of an Inventor" by Jacob Fraden


What’s a man to do when he lives in the Soviet Union but he’s brimming with ideas for innovations? Answer: Invent a way to get to the U.S. where he can turn ideas into products and turn frustration into fame and fortune. I loved the engrossing human stories in Jake Fraden’s odyssey from communism to capitalism. Knowing as I do how hard it is to open people’s mind to innovation, I found Fraden’s pragmatic approach to the world both fascinating and enlightening.”

Alan R. Tripp - author, “Millions from the Mind: How to Turn Your Ideas, or Someone Else’s into a Fortune”

“This book holds the key to unlocking the creativity within each of us. Jacob Fraden shows you how to turn ideas into actions. He doesn’t just offer a few useful tips—his life is an example how to do it with courage.”

Edward S. O’Dell
-Chairman, Digital Devices Corp.

“The title 'Adventures of an Inventor' captures the imagination, but the content makes you think.

Craig N. Mead
-president and CEO, Global Ideas Services

“...If I had known then, I would never let him go.”

Boris Yeltsin, - Former Russia’s President


Chapter 1 Making Movies

Chapter 2 The First American

Chapter 3 The Mind Readers

Chapter 4 Making an Inventor

Chapter 5 Escape from the P.O. Box

Chapter 6 Spooky Business

Chapter 7 Starting Over

Chapter 8 Moonlighting

Chapter 9 Up the Creek without a Puddle

Chapter 10 Fight for Light

Chapter 11 High Pressure

Chapter 12 Mickie

Chapter 13 Instant Thermometer

Appendix: Making Inventions

In "Adventures of an Inventor", Jacob Fraden shares his unique experience as an inventor in the Soviet Union and the United States.

For the first time, you will be able to look at American life through the eyes of a prolific inventor and follow him along the bumpy and winding road to the realization of an American dream.

Both experienced inventors and beginners will find it not just a useful guide for organizing creative process, but funny and entertaining as well. The book talks about the challenges and opportunities a creative person meets in America and what is required to become a successful entrepreneurial inventor.