The Fraden Family

Irena and Jacob Fraden

Jacob Fraden was born in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) which is a border city between the Russian Europe and Asia. From a childhood his dream was to become a movie director. At age of 12 he designed and built his own 16-mm movie camera and a film projector and started making home movies. He worked as a TV and newspaper correspondent, made several documentary and short feature movies but on the advice of a great Soviet film director Mikhail Romm, he decided to shift his life in another direction – he became an engineer. Jacob received MSEE, later Ph.D. in medical electronics and became a professional inventor. As of today, he holds over 50 patents for various electronic products.

In 1977 the Fraden family (Irena, Jacob and 2-year old Roman) emigrated to the USA. His daughter Julia was born several years later. Initially, Jacob did research at The Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (OH), then worked for several companies and after he invented the instant ear thermometer, he founded Thermoscan Inc. that later was acquired by Gillette. Jacob founded 3 companies, wrote two books, periodically teaches at the University of California (San Diego). and runs his product development consulting business. At his free time he paints and travels.

Irena Fraden was born in Moscow. Like her father Lev Tyshkov, she is a classical violinist. Lev Tyshkov (1917 Harbin, China – 2003 New Haven, USA) was a violinist child-prodigy. He studied violin in Tokyo and later at The Moscow Conservatory with Prof. Yampolsky, the pupil of Auer. From 1937, Lev spent 9 years in GULAG and after his liberation, he married Lyuba, Irena’s mother, and then became a professor of violin at The Sverdlovsk Conservatory of Music.

Irena began studying violin at the age of 5 with her father. She continued her music education at The Tchaikovsky Music College and then graduated from the Conservatory with MA degree in music.

Irena is both the performer and teacher. She has played with various opera and ballet companies: The Sverdlovsk Opera & Ballet theatre, The Musical Comedy theatre, The New Haven, Yale and San Diego Symphony Orchestras, The San Diego Chamber Orchestra and several others.

She teaches violin privately. Her students won numerous competitions.


Irena and Jacob have two

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