FRADEN Corporation

Fraden Corp. is an invention company.

We specialize in finding elegant and practical solutions to complex technical problems. Most of our solutions are based on inventions by Jacob Fraden and his collaborators.

We use our strong engineering and scientific background in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, physiology, medicine and many others along with common sense and many years of experience.

Micro-Sensor (Thermal Camera for Smartphones)



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What we do

We analyze the problem from various angles: modern and emerging technologies, human interface, functionality and efficiency. Most of our projects relate to various sensors and thir applications.

If we can find a unique solution - we file for US and international patents.

Jacob Fraden lectures for entrepreneurs and inventors on making money from ideas. He also serves as an expert witness.

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Whom we help

We work with various industries: medical instrumentation, mobile communications, consumer electronics, toy companies, security, energy management and many others.

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